Undergraduate / Minor in Education


Student California Teaching Association (SCTA) at UC Davis

Student California Teachers Association consists of college students pursuing careers as educators. SCTA provides opportunities to address the broader aspects of education such as technological advances, governmental policies and issues, social issues and philosophical controversies.

SCTA Goals

  1. To help in developing qualified, skilled and passionate future educators
  2. To participate in community service, and foster positive community relationships
  3. To support diverse membership and working together to promote a public education system that values diversity of our state
  4. To be proactive and informed to gain a personal understanding of the issues that concern education

Local chapters also provide professional support by facilitating conferences, workshops, and networking opportunities. Membership dues are $30 and members have the opportunity to submit a scholarship application to help cover testing (CBEST & CSET) fees.

For more information on the SCTA, visit their website.For more information on the UC Davis Chapter, contact faculty advisor Lynn Martindale (lmartindale@ucdavis.edu) in the School of Education.

For the most current information about UC Davis SCTA chapter meetings and events visit their Facebook group: UC Davis SCTA.

General information

Undergraduate Program Mission

The UC Davis School of Education is committed to developing informed citizens and advocates for productive and powerful educational environments in a democratic and ever-changing society. Specific elements of this commitment to undergraduate education include:

  • Educating students to be critical participants in and creators of educational contexts—formal and non-formal—that are powerful for all learners.
  • Recruiting thoughtful and creative individuals into the educational profession as educators, researchers, and/or policy makers.
  • Promoting the value of diversity in strengthening learning environments and our society.

The School of Education is committed to offering a broad range of undergraduate course offerings targeted toward the needs and interests of all undergraduate students, as well as those who minor in education.