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Alexis Patterson, PhD Joins Faculty

Image of Alexis Patterson, PhD Joins Faculty

The School of Education welcomes our newest faculty member: Alexis Patterson, PhD, who joins us this fall as an Assistant Professor of Elementary Science Education. Her interests are in science education, urban education, small group work, and social-emotional intelligence. “The School of Education’s emphasis on diverse learners is so important to me,” said Alexis. “That’s the heart and crux of my research—better understanding diverse learners and increasing the pathways for them to science fields.”

News Kevin Gee

Teen obesity screens may not help with weight loss

Image of Teen obesity screens may not help with weight loss

Eight states now screen their students for obesity and inform parents if their children have a high body mass index. But does screening students for obesity actually improve obesity rates? UC Davis Assistant Professor Kevin Gee’s new research indicates it may not.

News Emily J. Solari

$3.5 million grant will help study early reading instruction

A $3.5 million grant to Emily Solari, assistant professor of education, will bring reading instruction to 100 first-grade classrooms in Sacramento, Yolo and other counties in the region as well as in Houston, Texas, by next fall.

News Steven Athanases

Steven Athanases Honored with Faculty Citation Award

Image of Steven Athanases Honored with Faculty Citation Award

Steven Athanases, professor of education, has received a 2015 UC Davis Diversity and Principles of Community Faculty Citation Award in special recognition of career achievement and distinguished leadership and vision in advancing the equal opportunity and diversity objectives within the UC Davis community.


Spring 2015 CATALYST
News, Research and Program Updates from the UC Davis School of Education

Image of Spring 2015 CATALYST

This Spring 2015 issue of the UC Davis School of Education’s biannual Catalyst magazine highlights research news, updates on faculty and alumni, and includes a special report detailing the impact of scholarships on our 2014-15 student recipients. Download the magazine here.