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Harold G. Levine, PhD

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Harold Levine is committed to building a School of Education that makes a difference– for educators, policymakers, students and everyone else who has a stake in California’s schools.

This goal could be considered a departure from how elite schools of education have traditionally approached their mission. In fact, Dean Levine thinks the most significant obstacle to working with schools and policymakers is the reputation of schools of education as disconnected from the real problems that teachers and students face in their classrooms. At UC Davis, he sees an opportunity to build a different kind of reputation.

The campus has a long tradition of working in ways that are multidisciplinary, that connect research and practice, and that address real societal problems. This tradition provides a strong foundation for creating a school of education characterized by interdisciplinary collaboration, deep and sustained engagement with communities and practitioners, and work that fundamentally integrates research and practice.

Dean Levine defines his role as developing opportunities for the School’s people and programs to grow in capacity, quality, stature, and influence.

Dean Levine earned his Ph.D. in anthropology from the University of Pennsylvania. He served as professor and chair of education, and as interim dean at the UCLA Graduate School of Education and Information Studies prior to joining the UC Davis community in July 2001. See his faculty profile here.

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Dean’s Message
May 2014

As I reflect upon this past academic year, and particularly, the last few months, I am struck by what an extraordinary school we have become. Last year, we were celebrating our tenth anniversary, a time for reflecting on all that we had accomplished as a young school. Since then it seems our accomplishments have grown exponentially. (Read the Spring 2014 Catalyst for many examples).

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News Harold Levine

Teachers as Students: Preparing the Next Generation – Q & A with the Dean
March 2014

Dean Harold G. Levine shared his thoughts on preparing teachers for 21st century classrooms in the March/April issue of Leadership, a publication of the Association of California School Administrators. Read the full Q & A here.