PhD in Education


PhD Program Overview
Program Organized as a Graduate Group

The Ph.D. in education is a multidisciplinary program, offered by the Graduate Group in Education.

“The Graduate Group in Education at UC Davis is a unique feature of the Ph.D. program, enabling students to develop a multidisciplinary course of study and connecting various disciplinary traditions to the study of complex educational issues.” — Michal Kurlaender, Associate Professor

Hosted by the School of Education, the Graduate Group in Education is composed of faculty from a wide range of academic disciplines including Education, Agriculture & Environmental Science, American Studies, Anthropology, Economics, Geology, Human and Community Development, Linguistics, Mathematics, Native American Studies, Physics, Plant Biology, Sociology, Statistics, and Spanish. This arrangement offers students unique opportunities to build personal programs where theory, research and practice merge to prepare them for exciting careers in educational research, teaching and other leadership roles.

Students are typically able to complete the program in four to six years, including two to three years of required and elective courses, a qualifying examination, and a dissertation.