Adventures in Enrichment


Adventures in Enrichment
Summer Camps

Registration for 2016 summer camps is now open. Click here to register.

The School of Education offers exciting Summer Adventures in Enrichment Camps on the UC Davis campus for kids in grades 2-8. Campers dive into innovative technologies, interactive subject matter and exciting activities. They develop a variety of skills, including team-building, problem solving and creativity. Our energetic teachers are scientists, researchers, industry experts and regional educators who are committed to a fun and enriching summer. Designed to challenge specific grade ranges (2-8), each camp offers a unique in-depth opportunity for campers to investigate an exciting theme. Read “STEM-Tastic Sunday Highlights Summer Opportunities” (Davis Enterprise, March 3, 2015.

We’ve had many happy campers over the years, but our favorite quote is from 9-year-old Lily, who reported, “I have never learned so much in one day in my ENTIRE life!!”

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