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Collaborative Mathematics with Classroom Networks

Tobin White, Assistant Professor, UC Davis School of Education (PI)
Teresa Lazdowski, Algebra Teacher, Monterey Trail High School
Debbie Jefferys, Algebra Teacher, Dixon High School
Kevin Lai, Graduate Student, UC Davis School of Education
Matthew Wallace, Graduate Student, UC Davis School of Education

UC Davis Collaborator(s) and K-12 Collaborator(s)
Five participants collaborated in this research project. Tobin White, faculty member in the School of Education at UC Davis, organized the team, led the development of technology and lessons, and coordinated the research. Teresa Lazdowski of Monterey Trail High School and Debbie Jefferys of Dixon High School collaborated in the development of activities and implemented all lessons in their respective Algebra I classes. Kevin Lai and Matthew Wallace, graduate students in the school of education, assisted in all phases of technology and lesson development and the collection and analysis of classroom implementation data. In addition, though he was not funded through this grant, Matthew Wallace implemented all lessons in his own Algebra I class at Laguna Creek High School.

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