Fees and Financial Aid for Teaching Credential


Fees and Financial Aid

The teaching credential/M.A. program can be completed in less than two years.  The teaching credential program begins in August and ends in June.  Upon earning a teaching credential, students complete the M.A. in two additional part-time quarters (Fall and Winter).

There are two references that will help you understand the cost of attending our program.  The first looks at the cost of tuition.  Please visit UC Davis Current Fees and Tuition page and click on the dollar amount for the Education Credential Program  for California Resident or International Student as appropriate for a breakdown of the 2017-18 tuition.  The second looks at tuition plus other expenses you can expect to incur during the credential program.  This is referred to as your budget.  To view your anticipate budget please visit the Financial Aid Cost of Attendance by Program page.  Your credential budget includes items such as housing, which you may or may not have to pay for depending on your personal circumstances. The total budget listed is the maximum amount of student loan you may take either through the University or outside lenders to attend the program.  Your actual expenses may be less.

We would like to point out two important items on your budget:

  • The budget includes  Summer Session fees of $271.47.  Because your financial aid does not disperse until Fall Quarter, you will need to pay for Summer Session without the benefit of financial aid.
  • The budget also includes $5,804 for Health Insurance (SHIP) as it is required for all students.  If you have comparable insurance you may submit a request to “waive” this expense.  Information on when and how to request a waiver can be found at the UC Health and Counseling Services website.

Please review the attached Financial Information handout for information on the different financial options.  For general financial aid information and to to answer your questions regarding your financial award, please visit the Office of Financial Aid. You can reach them by email gradfinaid@ucdavis.edu or phone (530) 752-9246.

Visit the Cal Grant website.
Download the G-44 Request for Cal Grant Teaching Credential Program Benefits form.

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