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A core principle of the University of California, Davis Teacher Education Program is to prepare highly qualified teachers who are advocates for equity in learning for all students. Our programs are particularly effective in preparing our candidates to work with K-12 students who come from culturally and linguistically diverse communities. Course includes methods of teaching a second language and developing academic literacy in all discipline areas.

The design, implementation, and assessment of the UC Davis credential program is guided by its mission to prepare teacher-leaders who can assume four key roles in ethnically and linguistically diverse school communities. These roles are:

  • Collaborative professionals who work with students, colleagues, and parents to forge effective teaching practices;
  • Advocates for educational equity who champion high learning expectations for all students;
  • Investigative teachers who continuously use inquiry examine, define, and refine their teaching practice to promote student learning, targeting underachieving students as a particular focus; and
  • Reflective practitioners who employ classroom inquiry to improve teaching practice and create effective classroom communities

Our credential program offers an integrated model of coursework and year-long student teaching experience.  Our location allows us to place students in diverse school settings in urban, suburban, and rural school districts.

For the annual Title II Institutional Report, including results for UC Davis, see the Annual Institutional Report Cards section on the Commission on Teacher Credentialing website.

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Choose Teaching for Your Second Career!

Choose Teaching for Your Second Career!Start your second career as a teacher with the UC Davis School of Education! Jason Fisk played defensive tackle for NFL teams for 11 years. When he retired, he wanted a second career that would give him an opportunity to be part of his community and to share his passion for biology. Jason earned his teaching credential and master’s degree at the UC Davis School of Education and now teaches high school science. Visit teach.ucdavis.edu to start your teaching career today

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