Credential/MA Program Info

Structure of the UC Davis Credential Program

Where are student teachers placed?

Normally, student teaching is done in the communities within a 45 minute drive from the UC campus.  Districts we commonly place students in are: Davis, Dixon, Elk Grove, Fairfield-Suisun, Folsom-Codova, Language Academy of Sacramento, Natomas, Natomas Charter, Robla, Sacramento City, San Juan, Travis, Twin Rivers, Vacaville, Washington, Winters, and Woodland. 

Does UC Davis have a part-time program, night program, or summer program?

No, our credential program is definitely full-day and full-time over the course of the credential portion of the program. The Masters portion of our Credential/MA program offers more flexibility with class times scheduled around a teacher’s typical work schedule.

What does the credential year look like?

You will be involved in a very intense and extensive experience of coursework and field work. The amount of work is considerable. If you are to be successful, you will need to prepare yourself to devote all your energy and time to this program.

Will I have time to work during my credential program?

You will spend your mornings in the schools and afternoons on campus taking courses. Your evenings will be filled with homework (your own and your students’) and back-to-school nights, etc.  For most students working outside of their credential program is not feasible.

University of California, Davis School of Education Teacher Education Program Teach-out Plan The UC Davis School of Education’s Teacher Education Program acknowledges and accepts that once a student is accepted and enrolls in the Teacher Education Program, we are required to offer the program until the candidate completes it. In the event that the UC Davis Teacher Education Program should close, the program would make every attempt to coordinate the timing of the closure with the end of the academic year, thus minimizing the number of students potentially impacted by such a closure. Additionally, the program would reach out to other educator preparation programs in our geographic area (CSU Sacramento, CSU Sonoma, UC Berkeley) to determine what support they might be able to offer our students. For any student that has not yet completed the program by the time of closure, we would take the following steps: • Notify each impacted student in writing of the closure, offering specific details about how we will support them through completion of their requirements. • Assign a faculty or staff member to advise each student as to his/her options, creating an individualized transition plan and committing as a program to support them through completion. • Monitor impacted students through completion of their program requirements. • All enrolled students, without regard to whether they complete the program or not, always have ongoing access to their student records through the University of California.

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