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Research and Expertise

Faculty, staff, and students in the UC Davis School of Education conduct and disseminate leading-edge research on public education’s most  intractable problems. Our research is grounded in practice, and we work in partnership with complex and diverse schools and communities, inside and outside classrooms, to make immediate impact and establish nationally recognized models of best practices.


Whole-system change
See the Center for Applied Policy in Education (CAP-Ed) Report

The System Transformation Collaborative (STC) was a three-year project designed to facilitate inter- and intra-district collaboration and to develop collective leadership and instructional capacity.

Research Yuuko Uchikoshi Tonkovich

Language and Literacy Development Lab

Our research focuses on the language and literacy development of young children, particularly dual language learners. We have several ongoing projects. The lab is supported by grants from the National Institute of Health and the Foundation for Child Development.

Photo Gallery

GGE Research Poster Presentation

On April 19th, the Graduate Group in Education invited its faculty and PhD students to display posters of their 2015/16 conference presentations. This is a great opportunity for students to display their enthusiasm and excitement for their research while learning about others’ work as well.

Post Michal Kurlaender

Dr. Michal Kurlaender Awarded $5 Million Grant
Study will show how well California prepares K-12 students for college, careers

University of California, Davis, researchers in education and economics have been awarded nearly $5 million to find out how well the state prepares K-12 students for college and careers.


Spring 2015 Research Newsletter
Get the latest on the School's research

Nearly 30 of the School’s faculty, students and researchers present their latest research at the annual conference of the American Educational Research Association (AERA) in Chicago on April 16-20, 2015. Learn more about the School’s research featured at the 2015 conference. Download the School’s Education 2015 AERA-Focused Research Newsletter.


Spring 2014 Research Newsletter

Forty of the School’s faculty, students and researchers present their latest research at the annual conference of the American Educational Research Association (AERA) in Philadelphia on April 3-7, 2014. Learn more about the School’s research presented at the 2014 conference. Download the School’s Education Research Newsletter.


Danny C. Martinez Honored for Research on Black and Latino Youth’s Language and Literacy Practices

In recognition of his scholarship on the use of language among Black and Latino youth in urban English Language Arts classrooms, the National Council of Teachers of English Assembly for Research (NCTEAR) has honored Danny C. Martinez, assistant professor of education, with an award for his continued work to increase diverse perspectives into how we examine language and literacy in multicultural and multilingual communities.

News Jamal Abedi

Jamal Abedi Recognized by Peers for Distinguished Public Service
March 2014

Professor Jamal Abedi has received a 2014 Distinguished Scholarly Public Service Award from the UC Davis Academic Senate. The award recognizes significant contributions to the world, nation, state and/or local community through distinguished public service. Up to four (4) awards are made annually.


Research News – February 2014

Rebecca Ambrose, associate professor in the School of Education, and Marta Molina. “Spanish/English Bilingual Students’ Comprehension of Arithmetic Story Problem Texts.” International Journal of Science and Mathematics Education. November 2013.

News Michal Kurlaender

Michal Kurlaender Named Among Most Influential Education Researchers

Associate Professor of Education Michal Kurlaender has been named among the 200 most influential education researchers in the country.

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