Post-doctoral Researchers

Post-doctoral Researchers

Liam Aiello

Postdoctoral Scholar

Headshot of Liam Aiello

Dr. Aiello is a postdoctoral scholar for the Teachers as Learners Project. He received his PhD in Literacy, Language, and English Education from Stanford’s Graduate School of Education. His research focuses on text discussions in English language arts classrooms, particularly the affordances and challenges of conducting these discussions in dialogic and inclusive ways. Liam is a former fifth grade teacher, and more recently has taught education courses at Mills College and provided professional development through Stanford’s Center to Support Excellence in Teaching.

Post-doctoral Researchers

Erin Bridges Bird

Postdoctoral Researcher

Dr. Bird is a postdoctoral researcher at the Center for Community & Citizen Science. She received her PhD in Science & Agriculture Education from the University of California, Davis, and with her advisor Dr. Heidi Ballard.

Post-doctoral Researchers

Kramer Cohen

Postdoctoral Scholar for California Education Lab

Post-doctoral Researchers

Elizabeth Zeiger Friedmann

Research Fellow

Betsey Friedmann is a research fellow at Wheelhouse and the California Education Lab. She received her Ph.D. in Education with an emphasis in School Organization and Educational Policy from the University of California, Davis. Her research focuses on issues related to college access and success, including financial aid and transfer pathways from community colleges.

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