Teaching Credential Program Admissions

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The Teacher Education-Credential/MA program supports equal opportunity and seeks to enroll a diverse and inclusive class of highly motivated students.  We are looking for applicants who:

  • Have demonstrated a commitment to working with California’s diverse K-12 students
  • Have the intellectual potential to undertake a rigorous program
  • Can reflect critically on experiences working with youth
  • Are willing to challenge personal assumptions and gain new perspectives through engaging in collaborative experiences
  • Acknowledge the value of diverse lived experiences
  • Are willing to work and develop and/or deepen an asset-based mindset
  • Have a willingness to deepen their skillset of advocating for educational equity

Applicants are urged to familiarize themselves with the admission deadlines and prerequisites by attending one of our Information Sessions and reviewing our admissions prerequisites for all credential programs. The Office of Graduate Studies houses the online application and provides comprehensive information about the application procedures for all graduate programs including the Credential Program.

Applicants who can read, write, and speak Spanish or Mandarin should strongly consider earning a Bilingual authorization.  Please review the additional requirements.

Agriculture applicants must also describe their agricultural work experience and provide documentation of that experience as outlined here.

After your application has been reviewed, well-prepared applicants are interviewed in individual or group settings by faculty who consider the applicant’s written and oral responses, preparation for the program (Basic Skills, Subject Matter, understanding of the K-12 classroom), potential for success in the program, and understanding of educational issues and multicultural awareness. Faculty recommendations are submitted to our Admissions Committee for review, and the final decision is made by the Dean of Graduate Studies. 

Graduate Studies will communicate their final admissions decision via email to the applicant approximately four weeks after interviews take place.  Those requiring an exception to our GPA requirement should expect their admissions decision to take considerably longer.

Please contact us if you have questions.

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