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9. Bilingual – Additional Requirements

Options for Spanish or Mandarin

All Credential candidates will receive training to support English Learners and to teach English Language Development (ELD), as well as Specially Designed Academic Instruction in English (SDAIE). This instruction is conducted in English only.

The Bilingual Authorization expands these tools and authorizes elementary and secondary school teachers to provide instruction communicating with students in Spanish or Mandarin. The Bilingual Authorization prepares candidates to teach the following:

  • Content instruction delivered in Spanish or Mandarin to students whose primary language is Spanish/Mandarin, as well as those learning Spanish/Mandarin.
  • Instruction designed to develop students’ academic Spanish/Mandarin skills.
  • Spanish or Mandarin language development for students learning Spanish/Mandarin in dual language settings.

It is recommended that all bilingual applicants have a minimum of 5 hours observing in a bilingual setting.  These 5 hours may be part of your 30 hour observation, if in the correct content area to which you are applying, or may need to be in addition if needed. 

SPANISH – additional requirements:

  • Indicate interest in the Bilingual/Spanish program on application
  • Pass a written and reading comprehension exam to ascertain language competency at the time of an interview
  • Pass an oral interview prior to student teaching placement
  • Pass the CSET exam Subtest V in Spanish

MANDARIN – additional requirements:

  • Indicate interest in the Bilingual/Mandarin program on application 
  • Pass the CSET exam Subtest III in Mandarin 
  • Pass the CSET exam Subtest V in Chinese 
Agriculture students: will need to inquiry with faculty and staff about participating in our Bilingual programs due to the additional demands of the Specialist authorization.

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