Research & Innovation Centers

Research and Innovation Centers

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Beta Lab

The Beta Lab at UC Davis studies how young people learn and develop through participation in making and the Maker Movement. We investigate the nature of learning that occurs during extended, youth-driven maker projects, and we design learning environments and tools to support learning through making.


California Education Lab

CEL Faculty Director Michal Kurlaender speakingThe California Education Lab is a collaborative group of researchers investigating important questions of education policy and practice in California. Much of our work focuses on understanding how young adults are prepared for, transition into, and succeed in college.


Center for Applied Policy in Education (CAP-Ed)

Connecting research, practice, and policy to promote the educational achievement of California's diverse students.

People sitting around a large table at a CAP-Ed hosted meetingThe Center for Applied Policy in Education (CAP-Ed) at UC Davis facilitates the nexus of research, policy, and practice with a commitment to eliminating inequities in schooling and providing learning opportunities for diverse students. CAP-Ed connects education leaders and practitioners with nonpartisan, research-supported information and expertise from scholars and policymakers. Our services and publications foster a thoughtful, well-informed education system in California encompassing policy makers and those implementing policy in schools and districts.


Center for Shakespeare in Diverse Classrooms

Welcome to the Center for Shakespeare in Diverse Classrooms, a unique partnership between the UC Davis School of Education and Globe Education, Shakespeare’s Globe, London. Through our teacher professional development programs and ongoing research we seek to develop and document engaging and equitable K-12 classroom practices for the study of Shakespeare and other complex texts.


Resourcing Excellence in Education

Three girls looking down at work on their desks in a classroomThe Resourcing Excellence in Education (REEd) Center is a university-based intermediary with deep ties to the TK–12 education community across the state. We are committed to moving research findings into practice and building the capacity of education systems to improve teaching and learning with the goal of reducing education inequities. We do this by testing professional growth systems for building capacity and using research practice partnerships to spread and deepen this work in many districts across the state and beyond.


Sacramento Area Science Project (SASP)

Woman and teen boy seated at a dining table during Dinner with a Scientist eventThe Sacramento Area Science Project (SASP) conducts science education research and provides professional development in K-12 science instruction. SASP is an education partnership between the University of California, Davis, and California State University, Sacramento. SASP is a regional site of the California Science Project and provides support to teachers, schools, and districts for the Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS) and Common Core State Standards (CCSS) for Science and the Technical Subjects.


Transformative Justice in Education Center (TJE)

Conference attendees sitting in chairs arranged in a circleThe Transformative Justice in Education Center (TJE) is a community-university collaborative serving practitioners and researchers committed to disrupting racial inequities in education by creating restorative, humanizing, justice-seeking teaching and learning communities.


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