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Warming up for the City Nature Challenge 2023 with UC Davis Wildlife Society Bioblitz

Just shy of 20 intrepid UC Davis students braved the cold for a morning Bioblitz at the UC Davis Arboretum in February. The purpose of this event was to introduce iNaturalist, practice making observations, and explore the nature in the Arboretum together. It was organized for The Wildlife Society club at UC Davis, with Laci Gerhart and Sarah Angulo facilitating. 

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Field trips connect to classroom learning

Spinning Salmon in the Classroom Project

It’s a cold February morning at River Bend Park in Oroville. We’re standing with UC Davis Center for Watershed Sciences’ Carson Jeffres, waiting patiently for the bus to arrive from Red Bluff High School. A truck towing a boat backs down the boat ramp where we’re waiting to meet the high school students that have participated in the Spinning Salmon in the Classroom project this winter.

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Designing for Science Learning in Schools by Leveraging Participation and the Power of Place through Community and Citizen Science

This post was originally featured as a part of the Community for Advancing Discovery Research in Education’s project spotlights. This Spotlight features DRK-12 collaborative projects, provides insight into the affordances and challenges of partnering with multiple organizations, and offers advice for those considering a collaborative proposal. Click here to visit the project Spotlight.

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ECL290: A Course on Community and Citizen Science in Conservation

This coming spring, the Center for Community and Citizen Science will be offering a 2 unit “Community and Citizen Science in Conservation” course at UC Davis. The course will involve weekly discussion and exploration of  community and citizen science (CCS) approaches and applications broadly related to conservation. With an emphasis on recent academic literature, each session will focus on a different topic such as equity and justice, project design and implementation, and participant and conservation benefits.

Blog entry by Ryan Meyer, Laci Gerhart, Chris Jadallah, Heidi Ballard

Project Update: Piloting Citizen Science in Prison Gardens

People in prison are taking part in real science in collaboration with UC Davis researchers.

This post is cross-posted from the UC Davis Public Scholarship and Engagement blog. Click here to view the original post.

Blog entry Sarah Angulo

Project Update: Clear Lake Environmental Education and Community and Citizen Science

Inspirations after our day visit to Lake County

Since July 2022, the Center for Community and Citizen Science has been steadily working on a project in collaboration with the UC Davis Center for Regional Change to build capacity for environmental education (EE) and community and citizen science (CCS) in the Clear Lake region. 

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The Center’s statement on the UC-wide strike

Dear Center for Community and Citizen Science colleagues:

We want to acknowledge the difficulties student researchers may be facing professionally and personally with the strike taking place across the UC system beginning Nov. 14, 2022. The high quality research from our Center is dependent on the work of student employees and postdoctoral scholars. We want to emphasize our support for the research work everyone is engaged in with the Center, and also support our students’ rights to fight for equitable working conditions. We also commit to not retaliating against any who choose to strike. Find information and updates here.

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Get to Know Our New Graduate Students, Emma and Jadda

The beginning of the new academic year brought two new faces to the Center. We’re excited to welcome Emma Schectman and Jadda Miller as they begin their graduate student work in the School of Education. We can’t wait to see what amazing things they’ll do in the coming years. Learn more about them:

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Project Update: Supporting Community and Citizen Science at the Elwha ScienceScape Symposium

The removal of two large dams from the Elwha river in the ancestral lands of the Coast Salish peoples was the first large-scale dam removal of its kind in the world. This effort has inspired many other watershed-scale restoration projects and dam removal organizations both nationally and internationally.

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Project update: Community and citizen science in California’s Marine Protected Areas

Moving forward with our research and expanding into Oregon's Marine Reserve System

Cyclic representation of "feedback loops" between MPAs, CCS programs and CCS participants

Since submitting our partner report for the Decadal Management Review of MPAs process, we have been working on a second phase of research to dive deeper into some of the dynamics and nuances of the relationships between the MPA Network and community and citizen science (CCS) programs.

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The UC Davis Center for Community and Citizen Science is excited to announce our speakers for the Fall quarter Collabinar series. The Collabinar invites our colleagues from across the globe to bring us their most exciting opportunities and challenges in community and citizen science. Each session fosters an environment of mutual learning while advancing projects and partnerships.

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City Nature Challenge 2022 Recap

Infographic showing highlights of the City Nature Challenge 2022: Greater Sacramento Region

Every spring, cities from around the world compete in the City Nature Challenge, a four-day nature observation competition, in an effort to help document urban biodiversity. Held April 29 - May 2, the City Nature Challenge 2022 marked the 7th annual international bioblitz with the most impressive global results yet.

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New Publication: Examining youth participation in ongoing community and citizen science programs in 3 different out-of-school settings

Maryam Ghadiri Khanaposhtani, a postdoctoral scholar, and Heidi Ballard, founder and faculty director of the Center, recently published Examining youth participation in ongoing community and citizen science programs in 3 different out-of-school settings, a research paper investigating youth participation in three Community and Citizen Science (CCS) programs led by natural history museums and influential setting features.

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