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What’s the Big Idea?

October 31: Come see the Center for Community and Citizen Science at the UC Davis Big Ideas Symposium

We are proud, and more than just a little excited to be part of the UC Davis “Big Ideas” program. Together with many partners on and off campus, the Center’s Faculty Director, Heidi Ballard has been developing a proposal for building the Center for Community and Citizen Science to be a transformative force across the university and beyond.


CCS coming to Madison!

Center staff participating in the annual NAAEE conference

The North American Association for Environmental Education (NAAEE) is holding its annual conference in Madison, this week. Our friends Heidi Ballard, Jen Metes, and Emily Harris are there to talk about our work on youth focused citizen science, and ways that citizen science can better inform conservation science and management.


New paper: What happens when youth participate in citizen science?

Now out in Biological Conservation, this new paper reports on what we are learning from our Youth-Focused Community and Citizen Science project. Looking across three in-school and community-based YCCS projects, we identify three key processes that support develop of environmental science agency (ESA) in young people: fostering youth ownership of data quality, interacting with complex social-ecological systems, and supporting youth sharing and dissemination of project findings.

News Heidi Ballard

Heidi Ballard Named a Chancellor’s Fellow

Photo of Heidi Ballard

Heidi Ballard, associate professor of education, has been selected as a 2014-15 Chancellor’s Fellow. The Chancellor’s Fellows Program recognizes “the rising stars who shine as teachers and campus citizens, and whose scholarly work already puts them at the top of their fields — garnering attention far and wide.” It is one of the highest and most prestigious honors on this campus.

General information Heidi Ballard

Report: Learning from Public Participation in Scientific Research programs in Northern California

Preliminary Findings from the Northern California PPSR Inventory Study


This project arose from the realization that projects involving public participation in science vary widely, and often work in isolation from each other. These range from ‘citizen science’ projects for which people submit data about birds or plants online, to environmental justice-oriented community-based participatory research, and everything in between. These projects all revolve around members of the public collaborating in some form with scientists to answer environmental science questions.

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