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Resources to Celebrate CA Biodiversity Day 2022

This September 3-11, parks and organizations throughout the state have come together to host in-person and remote events in celebration of California Biodiversity Day 2022. Click here to explore a list of the events. On September 7th, 2018, Governor Brown launched the California Biodiversity Initiative, outlining plans to secure the future for the state’s biodiversity. California celebrated its first California Biodiversity Day one year later to commemorate the launch, recognize the state’s unique biodiversity, and encourage actions to protect it.

While the Center will not be holding any events this year, the Center has a variety of educator resources available for anyone interested in organizing an event of their own. Instructions on how to use iNaturalist, worksheets for the classroom, and other activities to support an on-campus bioblitz can be found here.

A featured statewide event this year is the Find 30 Species for 30×30 bioblitz challenge. The event celebrates Newsom’s Pathways to 30×30 initiative, a plan to help achieve the conservervation of 30% of California’s lands and coastal waters by 2030. To complete the challenge, simply find and upload photographs of 30 different species in California to the iNaturalist platform between September 3-11. Click here to join the challenge!

For more information on California Biodiversity Day, click here.

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