Master of Arts Program

Master of Arts in Education Program


The School of Education’s teacher education program includes a master of arts degree. The MA in Education program starts in the credential year and culminates with research on a classroom practice in year two. It is available only to students who have participated in the School of Education’s credential program.

The MA is designed to develop teacher leaders who are skilled at exploring student learning through the lens of what we can learn about students from data, and who are practiced at working collaboratively to facilitate student learning in pedagogically sound ways. Because all participants are working professionals, classes are scheduled for evenings and weekends.

During the MA program, students’ work is K-12 classroom based and targets the connection between teaching and learning. Students actively pursue classroom-based work from the beginning of the school year, turn in periodic written assignments, present the results of their research at a Symposium day in the winter quarter, and then submit their final research paper.

While most students continue on to their MA Year Two immediately after their credential year, some may choose to wait. If you completed the Credential year and now wish to return for your MA year, please contact Program Coordinator Bree Rodriguez at during the March prior to the fall quarter you wish to return.  Bree may also be contacted for any questions related to the MA Year of the program.

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