Admitted Students


Information for Admitted Students

Congratulations on being admitted! You’re almost ready, but there are a few more tasks to complete before you begin the credential year in August. Learn about the requirements you must meet before the start of the credential program.

If you have questions on the cost of attending our program and funding options, please view the Fees and Financial Aid information on our website.

One requirement will be to attend a mandatory student orientation, typically held the second Friday in May. You will receive more information about this as the date approaches.

General information

2. Establish UC Davis Computing Account

DEADLINE: As soon as possible (if new to UC Davis)

General information

3. Provide your Social Security Number

DEADLINE: As soon as possible (if new to UC Davis)

General information

4. Statement of Legal Residence

DEADLINE: As soon as possible

General information

5. Statement of Intent to Register (SIR)

DEADLINE: April 30th*

If you receive your offer of admission after April 1st, please submit your SIR within 30 days of that offer.

General information

6. Check your Financial Aid Package

AVAILABLE: Early April

General information

7. Official Transcript Submission

DEADLINE: As soon as offered admission

General information

10. Degree Posted Transcripts

DEADLINE: June 30th

General information

12. TB Clearance

DEADLINE: Have test in May – submit by June 1st 

General information

13. Student ID

DEADLINE: Early August

General information

14. Davis Area Housing Resources

New to Davis? Here are some housing resources.

Listed below are some resources you may find useful as you search for housing in the Davis area. These are suggestions from the School of Education Student Services office and should not be considered as recommendations or endorsements.

Don’t forget to consider the communities around Davis as well. Woodland, Dixon, Winters and West Sacramento are a few close cities you can to check out. 

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