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17. Davis Area Housing Resources

New to Davis? Here are some resources you may find useful as you search for housing in the Davis area. These are suggestions from the School of Education Student Services office and should not be considered as recommendations or endorsements.

Don’t forget to consider the communities around Davis as well. Woodland, Dixon, Winters and West Sacramento are a few close cities you should plan to check out. 

  1. Craig’s List:
  2. UC Davis Housing:
  3. Davis Wiki:
  4. ULoop Site:
  5. ASUCD Community Housing Listing:
  6. City of Davis housing website:
  7. Graduate Student housing at 8th & Wake:
  8. Zillow:
  9. HotPads:
  11. Rent College Pads:
  12. Trulia:
  13. For Rent:
  14. Aggie Compass:
  15. Aggie House:

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