Susan O’Hara, Principal Investigator and Jamal Abedi and Joanne Bookmyer, Co-Principal Investigators have received a new $4.9 million dollar National Science Foundation award titled: Testing the Efficacy of the SOAR for Math Professional Learning Program. The overarching goal of the SOAR for Math project is to develop, implement and test a professional learning model that incorporates a group mentoring approach. The aim of the model is to build teacher capacity to simultaneously promote English Learners academic- language development and mathematical content understanding. The randomized controlled trial (RCT) will be conducted in 60 elementary schools in Southern California.

An outcome of this project will be a contribution to theory and practice in three needed domains: (1) articulating professional learning for teacher leaders to engage in group mentoring of peers and support the academic language and mathematical learning needs of ELs in support of the Common Core mathematics standards; (2) investigating the efficacy of a professional learning model that builds teacher leader capacity to use a structured protocol (SOAR teaching frames) to support peers through a group mentoring approach; and (3) assessing the impact of the model on teacher leader and teacher knowledge and practice and EL learning outcomes. 


REEd Receives $3.2M Grant from the Institute of Education Sciences

REEd has just been awarded a new five-year, $3.2 million grant from the Institute of Education Sciences. As Principal Investigator, Susan O’Hara will lead a team of researchers, including American Institutes for Research staff, to test the efficacy of a REEd-developed professional growth model designed to improve academic language and literacy outcomes for English learners in upper elementary classrooms. 


REEd Center Stakeholder Group

The 2017-2018 REEd Center Stakeholder group is comprised of experts and educators from across the state of California. The experience, insights, and perspectives of these Stakeholder Group members will help us make a significant contribution in our efforts to ensure that high-quality professional growth systems are in place across California’s educational system. We are pleased to welcome our Stakeholder Members and look forward to a collaborative and constructive year. 


Improving Teacher Quality Grant
REEd Receives $3.2M Augmentation Award

The Improving Teacher Quality Grant is an augmentation award that will allow REEd to continue its efforts to ensure teacher support is an integral component of every professional growth system in California. Over the next two years, REEd will: 1) conduct and test a professional learning intervention with 100 teachers and 25 coaches (grades 3-6) from the Los Angeles Unified School District using the SOAR Teaching Frames for literacy; 2) partner with Sacramento County Office of Education, Robla School District and San Juan Unified School District to design and test prototypes for a teach


Announcing the Formation of the California Standards Technical Assistance Network (CalSTAN)

REEd is thrilled to announce the formation of the California Standards Technical Assistance Network (CalSTAN), which we are proud to join as a charter member. CalSTAN employs a collective impact approach, bringing together 12 California non-profit, higher education and county office of education technical assistance providers that share a common agenda to improve the quality of service provided to California educators, and ultimately to improve outcomes for our state’s students.

CalSTAN will work with three priorities in clear focus:

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