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Eliminating Inequities through the Power of Knowledge and the Promise of Education


The UC Davis School of Education’s mission is to marshal the knowledge and resources of the University of California, the world’s pre-eminent public research university, to confront and eliminate inequities among people and communities through the generation of impactful knowledge and the promise of education. We accomplish this by engaging in research and policy analysis that bear on student attainment and success; by preparing and mentoring high quality teachers and educational leaders who serve as advocates for all learners; by forging partnerships and collaborations that make a difference in students’ lives today and tomorrow; by broadening definitions of learning and the locations in which it takes place; and by offering interdisciplinary programs that position our graduates to provide leadership and insight into the greatest challenges facing educators in California, in our nation, and around the world.

Working to strengthen schools has a long history at UC Davis, dating back to the first teacher-training program held on the University Farm in 1922. With the official founding of the School of Education in 2002, the University reinforced its land-grant mission, declaring its intention to be a major force in the education of children throughout the region and beyond.

The School’s research strengths are well aligned with the needs of the state. Efforts in faculty hiring, program development and partnership building focus on those needs: English learners; assessment; math, science and technology; neurodevelopment and education; literacy; and education policy. We have expanded our work with practicing educators through professional development programs and graduate degree programs designed especially for veteran educators.

Taking inspiration from our roots as a pioneering “ag” school, we enter our second century eager to stake our claim as an engine for change in education.


History of the School of Education

The history of the Department of Education has been influenced by two factors: its close ties to the Berkeley campus and its close relationship with agricultural education and Cooperative Extension.

Beginning in 1922, a teacher education program at Davis in the fields of agricultural education and home economics was administered jointly by the Berkeley campus and the University Farm. In 1932 Davis began offering the Special Secondary Credential in Vocational Education. When World War II brought a serious shortage of vocational agricultural teachers, the university began early placement of credential candidates in full-time school positions.


Why Choose UC Davis?

School of Education

The School of Education at UC Davis trains teachers and education leaders using the latest and most innovative teaching practices, and by conducting and disseminating cutting-edge research to improve instruction.

UC Davis Egghead sculpture outside Mrak HallAt the heart of the School of Education’s vision is a fundamental concern with influencing the practice of education through research and training. Our faculty and graduate students are engaged on local and regional levels and with national and international educational reform and policy. We especially seek to confront and eliminate inequities in the schooling opportunities for diverse learners.

At the School, you will work with a distinguished community of scholars and be mentored by eminent faculty.

The School of Education was founded in 2002, although teacher training at UC Davis dates back to 1922. Since its founding, the School has doubled the number of faculty. The teaching credential program, continues to grow, as do faculty grants and financial support from alumni and friends.

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