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13. TB Clearance-for Student Teaching

DEADLINE: Take test in May – submit by June 1st 

Warning this is time sensitive and should not be completed before May.

TB Clearance is required before you can begin student teaching. Education Code governs infectious disease controls for school districts and although some districts may vary in their enforcement of the TB requirement timeline, we adhere to the strictest interpretation. Therefore the timeframe for you to have the TB test administered or the chest X-ray taken must be within 60-days of the start of your contact with students through your student teaching placement. TB tests recently completed for employment/educational purposes are valid for up to 4 years. Please contact us directly for more details and instructions.

Please plan to have your TB test or X-ray administered during May of the summer before you enter the Credential program. The TB test may be administered by your personal physician or at the UC Davis Student Health Center; whichever is most convenient for you. The results of a TB skin test must be read two days after it is administered, so plan your time accordingly.

Please submit written verification (in any format that your physician prefers) of your negative results to the School of Education Student Services office in  by scanning the results and emailing to no later than June 1st.  Please be aware that you are not allowed to begin student teaching until this requirement is fulfilled.

Please note: We do not have access to any records (TB) sent to the UC Davis Student Health Center. 

NOTE: A TB skin test cannot be repeated within a 6-month period of time. If you have had a TB skin test within the 6-month period prior to the start of your credential year, you will need to submit your most recent TB test results. We will work with you to determine when another TB skin test may be taken. Results of the new TB test must be submitted to the Student Services office within one week of that date.

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