Agriculture Credential

Agriculture – Single Subject & Agriculture Specialist


Our agricultural education program provides you with an integral blend of theory and practice in the classroom and in the youth organization, Future Farmer’s of America (FFA). Here at UC Davis our history in agriculture adds to the richness and diversity of our credential program and we have a strong partnership with the College of Agriculture and Environmental Sciences.

Candidates will complete course requirements for both the Single Subject Agriculture and the Agriculture Specialist authorization concurrently.  The coursework during the first year is focused and intensive, enabling you to complete the courses and student-teaching component required for the Teaching Credential in less than one year.  Completing this program will result in two credential authorizations:  1) A Single Subject: Agriculture, and 2) an Agriculture Specialist.

When completing your application for admission to the Agriculture program, please note the following:

  • Please submit the attached document briefly detailing 2,000 hours of agriculturally related work experience.

To view a list of the courses you will take, please click here.

For information on program prerequisites and how to apply to the Agriculture program, please click here.

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