Mathematics Credential

Mathematics – Single Subject


California needs more credentialed middle and high school mathematics teachers. The state is facing a critical shortfall of math teachers due to an increase in the number of K-12 students and an increase in the number of teachers retiring.

The secondary mathematics program at UC Davis offers foundation-level and full-authorization single-subject mathematics credentials. Each credential type authorizes you to teach different math courses:

Foundation-Level Mathematics Credential

  • All middle school math courses
  • High school math courses that explore topics concerning algebra, geometry, probability, & statistics
  • Consumer mathematics

Full-Authorization Mathematics Credential

  • All middle and high school mathematics courses

Students in our program learn to use core teaching practices skillfully and strategically. We emphasize teaching through problem solving and the use of technology to make math accessible to all students. Our program is structured so that you can participate in both academic and professional coursework while working in a middle and/or high school classroom. Your experiences within each term are complementary—the work in your school setting or in one course complements the work in another school setting or course. The program is structured to enable you satisfy all Teaching Credential requirements in less than one year. 

To view a list of the courses you will take, please click here.

For information on program prerequisites and how to apply to the Mathematics Single Subject  program, please click here.

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