Resources for Agriculture Student Teachers

Resident Teacher Handbook

Handbook for resident teachers and student teachers about the UC Davis Agricultural Education Program

Download the 2020-2021 Resident Teacher Handbook

Work Experience Specialized in Agriculture

There are two ways to satisfy the agricultural related work experience.  

The first way is to complete 2000 hours of documented agricultural experience.

The second way is to have earned your American FFA Degree and complete 1500 hours of documented agricultural experience.
Both must meet the following criteria

  1. The agricultural experience must take place after graduating from high school and prior to being accepted into the credential program. 
  2. The experience could be in one area or multiple areas in agriculture.  
  3. The experience could be paid or non-paid, but must be documented, meeting the minimum of 2000 hours.

How are hours documented?

  • Pay stubs
  • Signed work experience from past employer
  • Notarized document of work experience

Student Teaching Sites

Student teaching sites are carefully selected by evaluating the needs student teacher and the expertise of the cooperating teacher to assure a positive mentoring relationship develops. The UC Davis Agricultural Education teacher supervisor also works closely with the California Department of Education, Adult and Leadership Division to determine the suitably of student teaching sites and cooperating teachers.  

The UC Davis uses the following High Schools and cooperating teachers to host student teachers:

Forms for Student Teachers/Resident Teachers

End of quarter evaluation forms – Classroom teaching (filled out by student teacher, resident teacher, and teacher supervisor)

End of quarter – student teacher evaluation form

End of quarter – resident teacher evaluation form

Teacher performance expectations (TPEs)

Ag-Ed Open Positions

Agricultural education open positions may be found in two locations:


When logging on to EDJOIN, use the keyword “ag” to assure to get all the agricultural positions available.

California Agricultural Teaching Opportunities 

After locating a position on California Agricultural Teaching Opportunities if you are interested you should:

  1. Contact the agriculture teacher to find out what the position expectations are:
    1. Course load
    2. FFA responsibilities
    3. SAE responsibilities
    4. Department responsibilities
  2. If still interested, set up a date and time to visit the program
  3. Write a thank you letter or email


It is important that as you are preparing to look of a position that you have an up-to-date resume and your portfolio is complete.  It is recommended that you take a portfolio with you to your interview and that you make a “mini portfolio” or “electronic portfolio” to leave at the interview or website that may access once you leave by interested parties.  

Download guidelines for creating your portfolio 

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