Post-doctoral Researchers

M.V. Eitzel Solera

Postdoctoral Scholar

portrait of M.V. Eitzel Solera

My scholarship sits at the intersection of data science, participatory action research, and Science and Technology Studies (STS). This combination is relevant and timely as data science becomes an increasingly dominant way to know about both society and the environment we depend on. Allowing this trend to continue without critical evaluation, especially in conservation and natural resources science, could very easily lead to reinforcing structural injustice and environmental degradation.

As a participatory data scientist, I work collaboratively with communities on modeling: teaching mapping and modeling skills, collaboratively building data representations and models, and analyzing and synthesizing community-held data as appropriate. I employ a variety of ecoinformatic tools to understand and improve the sustainability of complex social-ecological systems. I am also working to apply Science and Technology Studies to my modeling processes in order to make social-ecological system management more just. As part of that, I look for ways to create space for qualitative and other forms of knowledge to reside alongside quantitative analysis, using mixed and integrative methods.  See for more details on my current and past work.

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