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Welcome Maryam Ghadiri!

The Center for Community and Citizen Science is excited to welcome Maryam Ghadiri as the new postdoctoral fellow on the LEARN CitSci project. Maryam was recently the director of education and research at the Environmental Learning Center (ELC), a non-profit organization in Vero Beach, Florida. She worked with educators and ecologists to design, implement and evaluate different environmental education and outreach programs. 



April 26th 2019- April 29th 2019

The City Nature Challenge began as a nature-observation competition between the San Francisco Bay Area and Los Angeles County in 2016, organized around simple charge: “which city can find the most nature?” Since then, the competition has expanded rapidly, and this year more than 120 cities will participate worldwide!

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2 year Anniversary of the Knights Landing Environmental Health Project

By Skye Kelty and Alfonso Aranda

Skye Kelty and Alfonso Aranda are graduate students at UC Davis, and Campus Affiliates of the Center for Community and Citizen Science. In this post they describe their multi-year collaboration with community members in Knights Landing, a wonderful example of student-led community science that has crossed many disciplinary and institutional boundaries.


Where To Find Us – NAAEE 2018

The North American Association for Environmental Education (NAAEE)  will be holding the 47th NAAEE Annual Conference October 9th-13th in Spokane, Washington and we are going to be there so keep an eye out for us! 

The NAAEE is dedicated to strengthening environmental education and increasing the efficiency of the profession, while working alongside a diverse group of educators. They strive to accelerate environmental literacy and civic engagement amongst all ages through environmental education. 


3-Day Institute prepares educators for real science in the garden with students.

We are still glowing from our three days of shared learning, planning, and camaraderie with local partners, teachers, after-school educators, school garden coordinators. With thanks to our partner, Yolo Farm to Fork, who developed the article below, we offer some initial insights from this workshop, with more to come in the near future! 


Welcome Chris Jadallah

We’re excited to welcome Chris Jadallah to the the Center for Community and Citizen Science this fall. Chris is a NSF Graduate Research Fellow at the UC Davis School of Education, and will be pursuing a PhD in Science and Agricultural Education. He recently completed his B.S. in Conservation and Resource Studies at UC Berkeley, where he also worked as a researcher and project manager studying native bee conservation. He is interested in exploring the linkages between environmental education, conservation biology, environmental studies, and social justice with the ultimate goal of supporting healthy and empowered communities. Welcome, Chris!


Reflecting on our Woolman Center workshop

Named after a mythical land from a novela when the Spanish first arrived, California was said to be paradise on Earth. However, times have changed since the Spanish first laid their eyes on the place we now call home. Social activists have spoken openly about the disasters of environmental change and many, from the top of California’s government to grassroots organizations are beginning to create much more systematic and widespread awareness and change with initiatives.


Remodeling Science:

An Opportunity for UC Davis

Rajul (Raj) Pandya, is the founding director of the American Geophysical Union’s Thriving Earth Exchange (TEX). On Monday, May 7th, at the Shrem Museum, Pandya will deliver a keynote address to kick off a day of learning, discussion, and networking activities with faculty members, researchers, and other partners, sponsored by the UC Davis Office of Research.


New Paper: A Framework for Teachers to Design and Facilitate Citizen Science Activities

A new paper by recently graduated Emily Harris and the Center’s Faculty Director, Heidi Ballard, provides a framework for educators to design and implement citizen science projects in the classroom to facilitate meaningful student learning. This publication adds an important component to our suite of materials aimed at helping educators use Youth-focused Community and Citizen Science in their work.

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