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Clear Lake Environmental Education and Community and Citizen Science


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Lake County, California


Starting in 2022, the Center is partnering with the UC Davis Center for Regional Change to work with key local partners (including Tribal nations and other local governments, non-profit organizations, educators, and others) to identify existing environmental educational (EE) and CCS resources and programs in the region. Our findings will contribute to the development of additional educational materials and pilot CCS projects that can support ongoing research in the lake area and be conducted by community partners – including youth – from Clear Lake communities. Building on existing assets and research, a central purpose is to make these resources regionally accessible and inclusive.

Vision and Goals

This project supports the goals of the Blue Ribbon Committee for the Rehabilitation of Clear Lake (BRC) toward revitalizing the lake and its surrounding communities:

“Youth and other residents of the Clear Lake region have the knowledge, skills, and values needed to become effective stewards of the Clear Lake environments and succeed in related education and career pathways. Clear Lake region organizations, school systems, and governments (including Tribal governments) are collaborating to provide comprehensive [EE and CCS] programs that leverage their unique strengths and assets.”

  • Develop environmental education and community/citizen science programs that build a stewardship ethic in the Clear Lake region for residents, including youth. 
  • Promote programs that actively engage learners in hands-on scientific discovery and that provide pathways to academic and professional achievement.
  • Actively partner with area Tribal governments and residents in the development and implementation of programs in ways that respect traditional ecological knowledge and current culturally-relevant approaches to caring for the lake and the communities.
  • Ensure that Clear Lake environmental educators (K-14 as well as extended and non-formal education) have the curriculum and training needed to be effective in their teaching.  
  • Orient all activities around building local capacity for long-term sustainability.  
Project Components and Timeline

In Year 1 of the project, we are compiling information about non-formal EE and CCS activities – broadly defined – in the Clear Lake region. This includes projects and programs of Tribal Nations, community-based organizations, and other local government departments. This information will be synthesized as a basis for planning and sharing with interested people in the region and the Blue Ribbon Committee. 

In a future phase, we may expand to documenting formal EE (such as in formal preschool, K-12, community college, and university programs) in the region.


California Natural Resources Agency


UC Davis Center for Regional Change, Blue Ribbon Committee for the Rehabilitation of Clear Lake

Blog entry Sarah Angulo

Project Update: Clear Lake Environmental Education and Community and Citizen Science

Inspirations after our day visit to Lake County

Since July 2022, the Center for Community and Citizen Science has been steadily working on a project in collaboration with the UC Davis Center for Regional Change to build capacity for environmental education (EE) and community and citizen science (CCS) in the Clear Lake region. 

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