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City Nature Challenge 2022 Recap

Every spring, cities from around the world compete in the City Nature Challenge, a four-day nature observation competition, in an effort to help document urban biodiversity. Held April 29 - May 2, the City Nature Challenge 2022 marked the 7th annual international bioblitz with the most impressive global results yet.

Global Results

The global results of the City Nature Challenge 2022 show a record high for participation by nearly 500,000 observations and 15,000 observers. This year, more than 67,000 people participated from 445 different cities, collecting a grand total of 1,694,877 observations. Of those observations, more than 50,000 unique species have been identified, 2,244 of which were rare or endangered species. Visit the official City Nature Challenge website to view the full results.

Greater Sacramento Region Results

The Center for Community and Citizen Science has hosted the City Nature Challenge for the Greater Sacramento Region since 2019. This year, the Greater Sacramento Region gathered 7,347 observations of 1,500+ different species. 

Infographic showing highlights of the City Nature Challenge 2022: Greater Sacramento Region

In partnership with NextGen Policy, Councilman Eric Guerra, Miridae Living Labs, the Insight Garden Program, and NorCal Resist we hosted our first in-person event since 2019 at Oki Park, Sacramento. We also hosted a bioblitz at Peregrine School in Davis, where students uploaded more than 200 observations of wildlife on campus.

Setting up for the bioblitz at Oki Park in Sacramento

How can I participate?

While the dates for City Nature Challenge 2023 have yet to be announced, you can still upload photos and audio clips of wildlife onto iNaturalist throughout the year to help scientists better understand when and where organisms occur. To stay updated, follow us on Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter @cncsacramento.



Thank you to Councilman Eric Guerra and our partners at NextGen Policy, Miridae Living Labs, the Insight Garden Program, and NorCal Resist, for the wonderful bioblitz at Oki Park!

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