Resources for Citizen Science Project Planning

We are excited to share three resources use in developing or evolving citizen science projects. While their focus is on dam removal and watershed restoration, much of this material could be useful for a wide range of contexts and problem areas related to conservation and natural resource management.

These documents were developed as part of our work with the Open Rivers Fund, a program of the Resources Legacy Fund, which is supported by the William and Flora Hewlett Foundation.

A Manual for Planning Your Community-Based Citizen Science Monitoring Project For Dam Removal and Watershed Restoration

The full length manual provides comprehensive guidance and recommendations for citizen science project planning. Access as a PDF here.

 Manual Full

Quick Guide

Start here to get an overview of the planning process, and then dive into the full manual for more details. Access as a PDF here


Further Reading

We have converted Appendix F of the full manual — “Further Reading” — into a Google Doc, with plans to update it periodically as we discover new resources. Access this resource here

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