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Martin, L., & Dixon, C. (2016). Making as a pathway to engineering and design. In K. Peppler, E. Halverson, & Y. Kafai (Eds.), Makeology: Makers as Learners (Volume 2) (pp. 183-195). New York: Routledge. (Amazon)  (Google Books)

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Martin, L. (2016). “The Maker Movement – A Pathway for K12 Students to Engineering Adaptive Expertise.” Presented at the annual meeting of the American Society of Engineering Education, 2016, in New Orleans, LA.

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Martin, L., Dixon, C., & Hagood, D., (2014). Distributed adaptations in youth making.  Paper Presented at FabLearn: Conference on Creativity and Fabrication in Education, Stanford, CA. (Martin Dixon Hagood – FabLearn Final2 140930)

Martin, L., & Dixon, C. (Winter 2013). “Youth conceptions of making and the maker movement” Presented at the Interaction, Design, and Children (IDC) conference, 2013, in New York. (Martin Dixon IDC 2013 Workshop – Youth Conceptions of Making)

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