Center for Applied Policy in Education


Center for Applied Policy in Education (CAP-Ed)

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The Center for Applied Policy in Education (CAP-Ed) at UC Davis facilitates the nexus of research, policy, and practice with a commitment to eliminating inequities in schooling and providing learning opportunities for diverse students. CAP-Ed connects education leaders and practitioners with nonpartisan, research-supported information and expertise from scholars and policymakers. Our services and publications foster a thoughtful, well-informed education system in California encompassing policy makers and those implementing policy in schools and districts.

CAP-Ed Services & Practices

  • Publishing and distributing syntheses of current research and policy to inform policymaking and policy implementation throughout the education system.
  • Hosting seminars for policymakers and education stakeholders with experts in key education topics.
  • Assembling collaborative systems and instructional rounds to mobilize intersectional, reform-oriented networks.
  • Conducting new policy research on key education policy topics such as school finance, accountability, and curriculum and instruction.

Current Programs

Superintendents’ Executive Leadership Forum (SELF)

California Superintendents Collaborative Network

California Principals’ Support Network (CAPS)


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Whole-system change
See the Center for Applied Policy in Education (CAP-Ed) Report

The System Transformation Collaborative (STC) was a three-year project designed to facilitate inter- and intra-district collaboration and to develop collective leadership and instructional capacity.

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