Instructional Rounds

Instructional Rounds


Instructional Rounds can help education leaders and practitioners develop a shared vision of high-quality instruction across classrooms, schools and districts.

Derived from the model of medical-rounds used by physicians, this approach to professional learning creates instructional rounds networks. Through training, facilitated site visits, and subsequent networking support, educators develop a shared practice of observing, discussing, and analyzing learning and teaching.

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Problems of Practice: The Necessary Steps

What is a problem of practice? A problem of practice is an area that a school or school district identifies that focuses on the instructional core, is directly observable, is actionable, and connects to a broader strategy of improvement. Identifying a problem of practice is the first step and element of instructional rounds. After the problem of practice is identified, the theory of action, or the tentative solution to the issue, can be applied to begin addressing the problem.

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