California Institute for School Improvement (CISI)


California Institute for School Improvement

The California Institute for School Improvement (CISI) is a membership organization that provides education leaders at the school and district level with the accurate, unbiased, up-to-date policy and research information impacting the day-to-day work of schools. CISI is committed to eliminating inequities in schooling and to providing learning opportunities for diverse learners. CISI supports superintendents, principals, and curriculum and instructional leaders through monthly policy and research resource digests, annual workshops, and more. Currently, CISI provides member services to many school districts and county offices across California through monthly e-bulletins and workshops in the spring and fall.


What is CISI?

The California Institute for School Improvement (CISI) is a membership organization created to support district and county instructional leaders. Over 140 school districts and county offices of education are currently CISI members.


Membership Information

Benefits of CISI Membership

  • Regular updates through the CISI E-Bulletins apprising members of ongoing policy developments, compiling education resources, and synthesizing relevant research.
  • Free admission for three individuals to the CISI Workshops, which provide an overview of important policy changes. Plus, discounted rates for individuals beyond the first three attendees.
  • Annual resource guide containing an overview of policy development and research in education in California.
  • Discounted workshops in the spring that address the new budget, latest legislation, and previews of what is most important for the coming year.

Resources & E-Bulletins

CISI provides E-Bulletins as a service to members by email. Here you find archived E-Bulletins in addition to topically searchable resources on the following topics:

District Leadership: LCFF, LCAP, Budget, & API

Curriculum & Instruction: Common Core, Teaching, School Climate

Assessment: Smarter Balanced Assessment & Other Testing

Legislation & Policy: Politics, SBE, Legislation Analysis

Research in Brief: Curated research briefs and summaries



CISI Workshops & Events

Your workshops and events from CISI.

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