Cops and No Counselors

Research in Brief

According to a new nationwide report by the ACLU on the presence of police and mental health services in schools, “400,000 K-12 students in California attend a school that has a police officer but not a counselor.”

Stating that schoolchildren in America are over-policed and under-supported by health and mental health professionals. This over-policed and under-supported health professional environment harms school environments, increases students’ anxiety and exacerbates discipline disparities among students of color and those with disabilities.

Surrounding evidence asserts that if schools were properly staffed with health and mental health professionals and the student’s needs were met, this would not only improve the health outcomes for students but also school safety.

Additionally, there seems to be an increase of continued funding for school-based police while schools face a critical shortage of counselors, nurses, psychologists and social workers.

Other key issues mentioned in the report:

  1. The impact of school shootings
  2. Arrests and law enforcement referrals

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