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Common Core in the Science Classroom

Dialogue, reading and writing are now in the purview of all teachers of science. The Science Literacy Framework training is a research based and effective method of attending to the Common Core Standards and NGSS in the science setting.

Next Generation Science Standards

Explore the shifts called for by the NGSS in instruction and learning. Understand the architecture of the NGSS. Investigate ways to implement NGSS style instruction. Acquire tools for planning NGSS aligned units and lessons.

Inquiry in the Science Classroom

Want to get students thinking more? Increasing the amount of inquiry in your science curriculum is a proven method of increasing student engagement and learning.

Science Content Workshops

Science Content Workshops can be designed around the needs of teachers in any science discipline and grade level.

Increasing Science Learning Using Literacy Strategies

In this program science teachers learn a method for increasing student learning by strategic incorporation of literacy strategies into science instruction. This program yields student gains in science understanding and in literacy skills. Very appropriate for CCSS and NGSS.

Facilitating Teacher Groups

Whether you have Lesson Study teams, professional learning communities, departments, or other groups of teachers, this workshop can help you build the skill level of facilitators and lead to increased group efficacy.

For more information contact either Rich Hedman at CSUS at 916-278-4870, or Chris Griesemer at UC Davis (

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