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REEd seeks to build reciprocal relationships for mutual learning with its LEA and higher education partners. As the impact arm of the School of Education, REEd contributes broadly to scholarly, policy, and practice environments of the K–16 system through a steady stream of publications, reports, conference presentations, online tools, and resources. Below are a few examples of REEd’s most current contributions to the education field.

  • O’Hara, S., Pritchard, R., Pita, D., Newton, R., Sullivan, L., & Do, U. (In press). Academic language and literacy in every setting (ALLIES+) strengthening the STEM learning ecosystem. In ASTE monograph, Science Teacher Preparation in Content-Based Second Language Acquisition.
  • O’Hara, S., & Pritchard, R., (February 2016). Teaching for common core literacy standards: SOAR teaching framesTM for literacy. Psychology Research, Vol. 6 (No. 2), 92–101.
  • O’Hara, S., Pritchard, R., & Zwiers, J. (2016). Framing the teaching of academic language to English learners: A Delphi study of expert consensus. TESOL Quarterly.
  • O’Hara, S., Pritchard, R., & Zwiers, J. (2016). Academic language and literacy in every subject (ALLIES): A capacity building approach to supporting teachers in grades 3–8. In F. Hiebert & P. Proctor (Eds.) English Learners and Emergent Bilingualism in the Common Core Era.
  • Sullivan, L., & Westover, T. (June 2015). In the driver’s seat: Teacher-led model moves learning in the right direction, JSD, Used with permission of Learning Forward,
  • O’Hara, S., Zwiers, J., & Pritchard, R. (2014). Cutting to the common core: Changing the playing field, part 1. Language Magazine: The Journal of Communication & Education, 13 (5), 24–27.
  • Newton, R., Bookmyer, J., & Pisi, F., (Dec. 2013) Common core, common focus: Leveraging implementation funding with expanded learning programs to support successful transition to the Common Core Standards. ACSA Education Leadership.
  • Beauchamp, A., Kusnick, J., & McCallum, R. (2011). Success In science through dialogue, reading, and writing. The Regents of the University of California, Davis.

Integrated Professional Learning Systems (IPLS) Initiative Report
Moving California Toward a Statewide Model for Professional Growth that Prioritizes Teaching

Between 2014 and 2016, REEd at UC Davis worked closely with schools, districts, and county office of education throughout California on the Integrated Professional Learning Systems (IPLS) initiative. IPLS aimed to ensure that support for teaching practices was an integral component of every teacher evaluation and professional growth system in California.


Developing Professional Growth Systems
Lessons from Educators Who Reinvented Teacher Evaluation

J. Koppich and Associates, an external education consulting firm, worked with REEd to document the lessons learned from the Integrated Professional Learning Systems (IPLS) initiative between 2014 and 2016. 


State of the Center Report

REEd is pleased to share our recent report describing the status of the Center’s progress over the past decade. In particular, we highlight recent organizational changes and the refocusing of REEd’s mission that have taken place between 2013-16. We hope that you take time to learn more about REEd’s significant contributions. We are particularly proud of our efforts to move research findings that positively impact teaching and learning into practice.


Enacting Greatness: Leadership by Design

Growth Minded Practices for California Principals

Designed as a task force capable of re-shaping the way principals and teachers interact, the Principal Excellence Project (PEP) seeks to promote High-Leverage Leadership Practices in our schools by increasing the involvement of our principals.  Following suit with recommendations from the California Department of Education to improve teacher evaluation processes, the PEP Task Force was charged with developing a report that:

Post Research and Publications

T-BAR 2 Sonoma COE Report

This report provides an outline of the Teacher-based Reform (T-BAR) grant activities specific to REEd’s partnership with Sonoma County Office of Education (SCOE), as documented by REEd.  To read the report in its entirety, please see the related links to the right. Also available is the story of one participating school site, Apple Blossom School in Sebastopol. 

Post Research and Publications

T-BAR 2 PacTIN Report

REEd is pleased to share a summary report of the 2014-2015 Pacific Coast Teacher Innovation Network (PacTIN), which is part of the Teacher-based Reform (T-BAR) grant.  This report provides an overview of the activities of PacTIN and describes early indicators of sustainability and impact. To read the report in its entirety, see the related links.

Post Research and Publications

Conversing to Fortify Literacy, Language, and Learning

REEd director Susan O’Hara, along with Jeff Zwiers and Robert Pritchard, have released an article in the MinneTESOL Journal. This article describes strategies for incorporating “classroom conversation” to prepare learners for the communication rigors of college and beyond. It also describes necessary conditions for effective classroom conversations and provides strategies to support them in the classroom.  The article can be found here:

Using new technologies to engage and support English language learners in mathematics classrooms

Robert Pritchard, Susan O’Hara, and Jeff Zwiers have recently published a chapter in Cases on Technology Integration in Mathematics Education, edited by Drew Polly (2015).  The chapter is entitled “Using new technologies to engage and support English language learners in mathematics classrooms.”

In the Driver’s Seat
Teacher-led model moves learning in the right direction

Terry Westover and Lisa Sullivan have published a new article in the most recent issue of JSD, the Learning Forward journal.  This article concerns teachers participating in a California program that allowed them to select their own professional learning, who report increased confidence and knowledge, improved instruction, and a greater ability to meet student learning needs.

“In the driver’s seat: Teacher-led model moves learning in the right direction,” by Lisa Sullivan and Theresa Westover, JSD, June 2015.
Used with permission of Learning Forward,  All rights reserved.

Research Research and Publications

T-BAR (PacTIN) Retrospective Evaluation

Grattan Elementary's Road Map

REEd is pleased to share the results of a retrospective evaluation of PacTIN,  a project of the ITQ SAHE program. The report is based on a survey of all participating teachers, administered in Fall of 2014, and a case study examination of three teams from the first cohorts of funded projects.

News Research and Publications

Local educators study strategies for implementing new academic standards
By Jeff Hudson -November 19, 2014

Dean Harold Levine and REEd Executive Director Susan O'Hara at the CCSS conference. Photo courtesy of UC Davis Strategic Communications.

An article in The Davis Enterprise featured the thoughts and takeaways of educators who attended “Innovating with the Common Core State Standards,” a conference hosted by the UC Davis School of Education’s REEd (Resourcing Excellence in Education) on November 15, 2014. Visit the conference website for more information on presenters and program.

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