Wheelhouse ALI FAQs

The Advancing Leaders Institute FAQs


1. Do you accept applicants from outside of California?

We will consider strong candidates from out of state who want to transition to a California CEO-ship.

2. Can I apply with less than two years of experience in a Vice President-equivalent role?

The Wheelhouse Advancing Leaders Institute is specifically tailored for individuals with two or more years of experience in roles equivalent to a Vice Presidency. While we encourage you to apply, please be aware that the evaluation process takes into account your “years in seat” as an important consideration.

3. What if my experience is in another system of higher education?

We will consider strong applicants from outside this system, especially if they aspire to hold a CEO position within the California Community College System.

4. Do applicants with experience in roles distinct from student services and instruction qualify for consideration by Wheelhouse?

We welcome diverse applicants from various CCC roles in our program. All applicants need to demonstrate their commitment to student equity and how their position aligns with the ALI mission.

5. Does my Letter of Recommendation need to be from my college’s president?

Your Letter of Recommendation can come from anyone of your choosing who knows you well professionally. As a courtesy, we recommend confirming with your CEO that you can attend all on-site sessions.

6. Is the Letter of Recommendation optional?

No, the Letter of Recommendation is a mandatory component of your application.

7. Should I still apply if I cannot commit to the in-person convenings?

To fully benefit from the institute, it is important to attend all on-site sessions. If you are unable to make the 2024 dates, we encourage you to consider applying for Cohort 3 in 2025.

8. What does the scholarship cover?

The Wheelhouse scholarship covers all sessions, supplies, books, and all meals, except for one “on your own” evening meal. Participants are responsible for covering their travel and lodging expenses.

9. How much preparation is required for each onsite convening?

You can anticipate dedicating 3 to 7 hours of preparation for each on-site convening.

10. What is involved in the coaching aspect of the ALI program?

Wheelhouse taps into our network of senior CEOs to provide the ALI participants with opportunities for group coaching based on what participants identify as their most important areas of leadership growth. Participants have the chance to receive tailored, practical, and supportive coaching in coaching circles with shared topics and goals.

12. Where can I apply?

The application for the 2024 cohort 2 is now closed. Please read our web page on Who Should Apply to understand if the ALI is right for you.

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