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Student Health Insurance Plan (SHIP)
Information about UCD's health insurance and acceptable insurance options

About SHIP

The University of California requires that all students have health insurance. To help you meet the Health Insurance Requirement, UC Davis automatically enrolls all registered students in the Student Health Insurance Plan (SHIP). Fees for SHIP coverage are charged to your student account each term along with your registration fees.

SHIP coverage for students enrolled in the School of Education begins on September 24, 2013. For Year 1 students, this is after the beginning of the Credential Program – See below for information about coverage during the Pre-Fall term. Costs and dates of coverage have not been determined for the 2013-2014 academic year. More information will be available in the middle of June. All School of Education students pay the SHIP fee that applies to graduate students.

If you have comparable insurance and do not want to be enrolled in SHIP, you must apply for a SHIP waiver. The SHIP waiver application for the 2013-2014 academic year is September 15, 2013.  The services at Student Health Services are available to all students, even if you waive SHIP.

If you choose to waive SHIP you must file by SEPTEMBER 15, 2013.

Insurance Coverage during Pre-Fall for Year 1 Students

SHIP coverage during Year 1 does not begin until the first official day of the fall quarter in late September. You have the following options available for Health Insurance coverage during the Pre-Fall term:

  1. Purchase your own health insurance plan
  2. Purchase a Student Health Services card, which will allow you to receive care at the UCD Student Health Center at student rates. This is not a health insurance plan and only covers basic care.
  3. Purchase the Graduate Student health Insurance Plan (GSHIP, for the summer). It is a major medical plan underwritten by Blue Cross. During the year, students may use the Student Health Center at Davis at non-student rates.

If health coverage for you and/or your dependents is a concern, you are encouraged to research available insurance plans that will cover you throughout the year. Contact the Insurance Services Department at (530) 752-6055 for detailed information. Details about insurance plans and SHIP waivers are also available online at Student Health Services.

SHIP After Graduation

Eligibility for continuation of SHIP coverage after graduation depends upon the term in which one graduates. 

SHIP members who graduate or complete their studies at the end of winter quarter are NOT automatically enrolled in SHIP for Spring quarter, but are eligible to enroll at non-student rates. Voluntary non-student enrollment must take place within the first 5 working days of the quarter, and will provide continuous coverage through the end of the summer coverage period. Most M.A. Year Two students graduate at the end of Winter quarter.

SHIP members who graduate at the end of spring quarter or semester automatically receive SHIP coverage through the end of the summer coverage period at no extra cost.

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