National Science Teachers Association Recommends Book by School’s Director of Sacramento Area Science Project

Success in Science through Dialogue, Reading and Writing

by Arthur Beauchamp, Judi Kusnick, Rick McCallum

A new book on the use of literacy to teach science, co-authored by Sacramento Area Science Project director Arthur Beauchamp, has been recommended by the National Science Teachers Association.

“This book offers an innovative framework to meet the new national standards while involving disengaged students in comprehending science texts and developing their proficiency in science. . . . For those that say, ‘Wait a minute, I’m not an English teacher,’ Success in Science is an understandable and well–written support.” Read the full review here.

Only one in five submissions meet their standards for recommending on the NSTA Recommends portion of the national website.

For information on how to purchase the book, contact Laura Shafer

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