Community School Partnerships Toolkit

This toolkit pulls from the best of the training materials and resources used by the Center for Community School Partnerships at the University of California, Davis (now the center for Resourcing Excellence in Education [REEd]) for over sixteen years to help grantees grow and sustain their programs.  

Materials presented in this toolkit were adapted by the West Contra Costa Unified School District (WCCUSD) to guide a district-wide effort to improve student achievement, youth wellbeing and ties to families and communities.  Through implementing the tools and activities outlined in the “Community School Partnerships Community Schools Toolkit,” the district is creating strong community school partnerships and demonstrating how essential tools can be customized and applied in classrooms across their district.

Community School Partnerships Toolkit

Overview and Table of Contents
Section 1: Why a Community School?
Section 2: Beginning Steps
Section 3: Understanding Your Community
Section 4: How to Collaborate and Form Partnerships
Section 5: Linking Strategies to Results
Section 6: Measuring Progress and Evaluating Results
Section 7: Sustainability and Marketing

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