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Professors Complete Editorship of AERA Journal with Issue on Assessment

In 2013, Professors Jamal Abedi and Christian Faltis were selected to edit two volumes of Review of Research in Education, one of the most influential education research journals in the world. With Volume 39, Teacher Assessment and the Assessment of Students with Diverse Learning Needs, they complete their run as editors of the prestigious publication.

Citing the introduction of assessments aligned to the Common Core State Standards and continuing inequities in assessments of English learners and students with disabilities, the editors urge their colleagues and test developers to pay more attention to the needs of these students in the development of high-stakes testing.

“Attention to the assessment of students with diverse learning needs is of paramount importance as the nation moves toward the development and implementation of a new generation of assessments,” write the editors in the introduction.

Articles in the volume, released in March 2015, focus also on cognitive and noncognitive issues in the assessment of teachers. Faltis and Abedi call for more research in this area “to judge the content and psychometric quality” of existing tools for assessing teachers’ impact on students’ content knowledge and ability to engage students in learning.

Professor Emerita Barbara Merino sits on the editorial board, and PhD candidate Kelsey Krausen served as editorial assistant. Visit Sage Publications to read abstracts and subscribe.

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