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Attorney and Partner, Parker & Covert LLP

Addison Covert is an attorney and partner in the Northern California office of Parker & Covert, LLP, located in Sacramento.  He represents public and private sector clients in public finance, business, education, and construction law.  He has earned a reputation for assisting clients in the mediation, or other resolution of complex disputes.  A majority of his clients are school districts; however, Mr. Covert also represents community college districts and other public agencies, along with a select number of private sector clients.  He works significantly in the areas of school construction, land acquisition and finance, including programs under state and federal law providing revenue for school projects.  He has provided legal assistance to FCMAT.  He has negotiated a variety of school funding agreements with developers, on behalf of school district clients.  Mr. Covert has assisted in the establishment of numerous Mello-Roos community facilities districts throughout the state, along with school facility improvement districts and other specialized tax generating entities.  He has assisted in the contractor selection and award process for school projects under traditional bidding, design-build procedures and lease leaseback construction procedures.  Mr. Covert also serves as bond counsel and is a member of the National Association of Bond Lawyers.  In this capacity, he has assisted school districts in numerous school bond elections and school bond issues.  Additionally, he has served as bond counsel on various federal construction and finance programs for schools including QZAB, CREB, QSCB, certificates of participation and lease revenue bonds.  

His wife Debbie Covert is a special education teacher at Davis High School.  They have lived in Davis since 1985 and their daughter and son-in-law are both UC Davis graduates.  

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