Faculty Profile

Anna Kato

Lecturer/Supervisor of Teacher Education Emeritus


Ed.D., Counseling – Psychology, University of San Francisco, San Francisco – 1993

Research Interests

Classroom management/Discipline; Counseling; In-service and preservice teacher learning; Mental health promotion in schools; School psychology issues; Teacher education research and polic

Activities and Service

Fellow, Bilingual/Mulicultural Education Program, California State University, Sacramento 1975-1977

Member. California Council for the Education of Teachers (CCET) 

Principal Investigator, Sierra North Arts Project 

Co-Director, Comprehensive Teacher Education Institute (CTEI), University of California, 1995-2001

Academic Federation Personnel Committee, Chair, 2004-2005; member, 1995-1996, 1996-1997

James H. Meyer Distinguished Achievement Award, UCD. Planning committee member, 1989

California Student Teachers Association, UCD. Faculty Sponsor, 1987-1993, 1995-1996; 1999-present

Academic Senate Affirmative Action Committee, 1993-1994 

Confidential Committee, UC Davis, 1994-1995 

Academic Federation Personnel Committee, Chair, 2004-2005; member, 1995-1996, 1996-1997

Search Committee, International Search for Division Chair, Division of Education, 1996

Planning Committee, UC Davis & CSU Sacramento Collaborative Elementary Credential Program, 1995 through 1998

Commission on School Violence, California Commission on Teacher Credentialing, 1996-1997

CRESS Research Committee, 1997-2006 

Voices From the Classroom VIII, Monterey, CA, a CRESS sponsored, state-wide teacher research conference; with Dave Wampler presented various types of student teacher research; facilitated discussion about differences between the research of expert teachers and pre-service teachers; Spring, 1997 

A seminar for student teachers in Agricultural Education, UC Davis. “The role of active listening skills in teaching,” spring, 1998 & spring, 2000.

California Council on the Education of Teachers, Spring Conference, group presentation, “Charting Systemic Change and Teacher Growth in a Culturally & Linguistically Diverse Teacher Education Community”, Spring, 1998

Multicultural Education Conference, CSU Sacramento, “The Intersection of Classroom Management, Culture & Language, Spring, 2000. 

Association of Teacher Educators Summer Conference, Ottawa, Canada, “Resiliency in Student Teachers,” Summer, 2000

Association of Teacher Educators Convention, New Orleans, “Four Student Teachers’ Perspectives on Teaching and Advocacy in a Non-traditional Teacher Education Program,” February 20, 2001

CRESS: Using Action Research to refine the Art of Conducting Home Visits; with Sue Heredia, Ph.D. California State University, Sacramento; 2004-2006

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