Faculty Profile

Laura Dubcovsky

Retired Lecturer/Supervisor of Teacher Education

Portrait of Laura Dubcovsky


  • PhD, Spanish Department. University of California, Davis.  (December 2003).
  • MA, Education. University of California, Davis (June 1999).

Professional Experience 

  • Spanish Teaching Credential Program: mentor, instructor and supervisor
  • Bilingual candidates’ mentoring and supervision, in elementary and secondary school sites

Professional Organization Membership

  • ACTFL member (American Council of teachers of Foreign Language)
  • NABE member (National Association of Bilingual Education)


  • Dubcovsky, L. (2011). Authentic Purposes and Real Audiences: Teachers’ Writing in Bilingual Environments. Paper presented at the 4th Biannual Reading and Writing Across the Curriculum Conference, April 22, 1011. Sacramento State’s Writing Across the Curriculum Program and The University of California, Davis’s University Writing Program
  • Dubcovsky, L. (2011). El desarrollo del español escrito de futuros maestros bilingües. Paper presented at the 23rd Conference on Spanish in the US & 8th Spanish in contact with other languages  Spanish in the Public Sphere. University of California, Davis 17-20 marzo/March 2011 Sacramento, CALIFORNIA
  • Dubcovsky, L. (2010). The Spanish pedagogical discourse of bilingual student/teachers. Paper presented at the First International Conference on Heritage/Community Language Education, National Heritage Language Resource Center (NHLRC). University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA).
  • Dubcovsky, L. (2009). Spanish for Native Speakers: Academic Language. California Language Teachers Association Conference, Sacramento, California.
  • Dubcovsky, L. (2008). The English development of children in California: a challenge for current teachers. URUTESOL (Uruguayan Teachers of English to Speakers of Other Languages affiliate of TESOL ) International convention “Challenge and achievement,” Montevideo, Uruguay.
  • Dubcovsky, L., & Merino, B. (2008). Spanish written development of prospective bilingual teachers. Third International Conference on Writing Research: Writing Research Across Borders, University of California, Santa Barbara.
  • Dubcovsky, L., & Merino, B. (2007). El desarrollo del español en la preparación de maestros bilingües. Paper presented at the XXI Conference on Spanish in   the US & VI Spanish in Contact with other Languages, Arlington, Virginia.
  • Dubcovsky, L. (2006). Spanish in the classroom. CABE Conference, San Jose, California.
  • Dubcovsky, L. (2004). El uso del ‘cuando’ como pista de futura escritura académica en español en niños bilingües. Primera Conferencia  Regional Latino-Americana de Lingüística Sistémico-Funcional, Mendoza, Argentina.
  • Dubcovsky, L. (2004). Cuando…: In search of incipient academic writing in Spanish bilingual children. UC Language Consortium Conference on Theoretical and Pedagogical Perspectives, Santa Cruz, California.
  • Dubcovsky, L. (2003). Cuando…: In search of incipient academic writing in Spanish bilingual children. Mini-Conference, NA-SFLA in conjunction with the Linguistic Society of America summer Institute, East Lansing, Michigan.
  • Dubcovsky, L. (2003). The uses of ‘cuando’ in the writing of bilingual children. Edu  243, School of Education, UCDavis.
  • Dubcovsky, L. (2003). The uses of ‘cuando’ in the writing of bilingual children. Spanish Department Colloquium, UCDavis.
  • Dubcovsky, L. (2002). La escritura en niños de 6to de un Programa dual de inmersión español/ inglés” (Sixth graders’ writing in a Dual Spanish/English Immersion Program). VII Congreso Latinoamericano para el Desarrollo de la Lectura y de la Escritura, Puebla, México.


  • Dubcovsky, L. (2008). Functions of the verb decir (“to say”) in the incipient academic Spanish writing of  bilingual children. Functions of Language, 15(2), 257-280.
  • Dubcovsky, L. (2002). Borges y el lenguaje. Brújula. América Latina en el Intelectual, 1(1), 84-93.

Awards and Honors

  • Unit 18 Professional Development Award, 2009-10.  
  • Graduate Opportunity Fellowship GOF Fellowship Academic year 2002/2003.
  • Best Elementary School Teacher, 1975.

Current Activities and Service

  • Peer editor of Hispania, A journal devoted to the teaching of Spanish and Portuguese, published by the AATSP (December 2011, January 2012, continuing)
  • Reviewer of edited books for the Linguistic List
  • Advertisement and Recruitment: future candidates for the Teacher Ed Program (especially bilingual candidates)
  • BCLAD Pact evaluation (April-May 2007, March 2009)
  • Committee Members of the Credential MA Year 2
  • Interviews:  of bilingual Multiple and Single Subject bilingual candidates 

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