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Area 3 Writing Project

Established in 1981, A3WP is a professional development network for California teachers and administrators that follows the writing project teachers-teaching-teachers model, with all programs and activities based upon the following principles:

  • Student writing can be improved by improving the teaching of writing, and the best teacher of other teachers is a successful classroom teacher.
  • Programs designed to improve the teaching of writing must involve teachers of all grade levels and should be collaboratively planned by schools and universities.
  • Large-scale educational change occurs only over time and can best be accomplished by those who work within the schools.
  • What is known about the teaching of writing comes from research and from the successful practices of those who teach writing.
  • Because writing is fundamental to critical thinking and learning in all subject areas, all writing project programs should involve teachers from across the disciplines.
  • Teachers of writing must also write, for only by writing can teachers fully understand what they are asking of their students.

Visit the A3WP site for more information.

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