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Patricia McKissack (2007)

Portrait of Patricia McKissackPatricia McKissack delighted more than 1,000 children, teachers and community members with two lectures, focusing on storytelling and her personal journey as a children’s literature author. McKissack told her audience that she began her career as a writer to tell stories that hadn’t been written for children, from the ghost stories and tall tales of her youth to stories about the many contributions made by African Americans that have been previously overlooked.

“We learn how to make decisions from the books we read as children,” she told her audience. “If you don’t see yourself in those stories, you think you can’t participate. That’s a real tragedy.”

A prolific writer of stories about African Americans and historical fiction, McKissack frequently collaborates with her husband, Fredrick, who accompanied her on her trip to Davis. Together, they have written over one hundred books about the African-American experience, winning notable awards such as the 2003 Coretta Scott King Honor Book for Days of Jubilee. To learn more about Patricia McKissack, visit the Scholastic website.

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