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“Implementing the Next Generation Science Standards: How Your Classroom Is Framed Is as Important as What You Do in It”

NSTA Blog - November 10, 2014

Cindy Passmore, associate professor of science education, wrote a guest entry on the National Science Teachers Association’s NSTA Blog on November 10, 2014. In the piece, Passmore writes, “Our ambitions as teachers of science need to be refocused on developing deep and flexible thinkers with an understanding of how a relatively small number of truly core ideas support the broader scientific endeavor on an ongoing and generative basis.” Read the full article on the NTSA Blog.

Passmore, who is leading a three-year effort to design an online resource of curriculum and embedded professional development to support high school biology teachers in the implementation of the Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS), will be a presenter at NSTA’s day-long Virtual Conference—NGSS Practices in Action—on Saturday, November 15.

She will lead a break-out session illustrating how engaging students in the practice of modeling can be the centerpiece of instruction and lead them to deeper understanding of a disciplinary core idea. Learn more about the NGSS conference at the NSTA Learning Center.

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