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Why Colleges Should Care About the Common Core

Education Week Commentary

Dean Harold Levine and Michael Kirst, president of the California State Board of Education, co-wrote “Why Colleges Should Care About the Common Core” for Education Week.

In the piece, Levine and Kirst lay out their concerns that colleges and universities may not be prepared to educate the students who will soon be entering their institutions armed with a “more inquiry-based” and “collaborative problem-solving” approach to learning.

The authors write, “These are not likely to be the skill sets or course-taking experiences called for in the majority of today’s college-level freshman and sophomore courses. Rather, these tend to be large-enrollment, minimally interactive, and textbook-based.”

Citing the “historical disjuncture and lack of alignment between K-12 and higher education,” the authors call for their colleagues to prepare now: “It’s now time to ensure that when Common Core creates more ‘college-ready’ students, the colleges they enter are ready for them.” Read the full commentary.

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